Virgin Australia has a new menu led by chef Luke Mangan and Mojo Restaurant

Airline food. Am I right, people? If your past experiences of eating at 30,000 feet include scary memories of rubbery omelettes, grey mystery meat, and partially-defrosted gravy, it only makes sense that you’d be wary of any airline boasting a quality fine dining experience.


Well, take it from us: the new Virgin Australia business class collaboration with chef Luke Mangan and his Mojo team is more than just a nice airplane meal, it’s the kind of food you’d want to eat on the ground, as well.

The amount of planning and thought that has gone in to designing the new menu is simply extraordinary.


As anyone who has eaten at one of Luke Mangan’s restaurants can attest, his goal is to consistently deliver fresh, produce-driven food that celebrates flavour and lets local ingredients shine.

This same focus is carried through to the Virgin Australia menu, and Mangan and his team have also gone to lengths to make sure that the food you eat in the air is inspired by the food you’ll be eating when you land.


Travelling to Hong Kong? You’ll be snacking on beef wonton soup with Sichuan pepper and bok choy; while visitors to Los Angeles will be served poached chicken with egg noodles and coriander.

There’s also snacks aplenty (lemon-stuffed olives, baba ghanoush with marinated feta, and Australian-made Gundowring ice cream in four different flavours) and enough vegan and vegetarian options to keep even the pickiest eaters happy.


The Pana chocolate served at the end of each meal is handmade, raw, and totally vegan: no item has escaped the exacting standards of Mangan and the Virgin Australia team, and their high standards really shine through.

The menu isn’t just limited to food, of course. For those who enjoy a tipple during their flight, Virgin Australia has paired with Hardy’s Wines to create an exclusive range of wine.


It’s a fact that our ability to taste changes at higher altitudes, and the winemakers kept this in mind when they developed the range, taking it along with them for tastings on a number of long-haul flights before they settled on the final blends. The result is flavourful, enjoyable wines that pair perfectly with each dish.

Luke Mangan and the Virgin Australia team have stopped at nothing to ensure that their menu is fresh, flavourful, and healthy – exactly the kind of food you want if you’re flying long-haul.


The test kitchen at Mojo has even been equipped with the kind of oven you’d find on any Virgin Australia plane, meaning that there’s no difference in the way the food is prepared on the ground to the way it’s prepared in the sky.

While business class tickets might be an indulgence rather than an every day occurrence for most of us, a chef-designed menu and exclusive, tailored wines are just another reason to add ‘fly business class with Virgin Australia’ to your bucket list. Next time you have a long haul flight ahead of you, consider clicking that upgrade button and treating yourself to the experience: there’s far more in store than just extra leg room.

See more and book your next trip at the Virgin Australia website.


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