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Valentine’s Day gift guide for 2019

The day of love is almost upon us and that means one thing: gift giving.

Whether it’s for he, she, them or anyone else, who doesn’t love a present that says “I love you”, as much as it says, “I was obliged to get this to show how special you are”? Everyone.

Nikon D3500 digital camera

The D3500 is the ultimate entry level camera to help you begin your photographic journey, also letting you instantly and wirelessly transfer your images from your DSLR to your smart phone and share your romantic pics from Valentine’s Day on social media. Get it for $799.

Moet & Chandon Rose Treasure

Moët & Chandon are going with the flow: pink sparkling! Pink, red, the colours or love; get it this V Day for $74.99.

Champagne Lanson Brut Rosé

Start off your Valentine’s day with a sweet drop that exudes delicacy and purity. Its soft pink colour, together with hints of fresh, succulent summer berries, makes this champagne the perfect accompaniment to any date, whether a casual picnic or a night out. Get it from Dan Murphy’s for $65.

LIFX changeable light bulbs

Mood lighting just got a new feel and completely different look with these changeable lights by LIFX. Set the mood and do the day of love right. Get them here.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Fireball whisky

Keen to turn up the heat this V-Day? Keep Treat your special someone with a cinnamon infused spicy whisky that is sure to warm their throat and tickle their tastebuds all at once. Sweet, spicy and smooth with a strong cinnamon bite. Best served in a shot to get your night well and truly started. Get it from Dan Murphy’s for $44.99

Mary Kay Dream Fearlessly perfume

A new refreshing scent with top notes of Italian bergamot, pink pepper and pineapple, the new smell by Mary Kay reminds women to find confidence, to be fearless and be catalyst of positive change. Get it for $62.

AlcoSense breathalyser

The irony of encouraging buying grog and a breathalyser escapes no one, but, there’s nothing quite like responsible drinking.

This is an Australian leader in breathalyser technology that provides fast, accurate readings. Not only recommended for checking your reading after that romantic Valentine’s dinner, it’s also wise to use an AlcoSense breathalyser after a big night.

All AlcoSense breathalysers from Andatech are eligible for a lifetime warranty covered under the AlcoSense guarantee, which provides peace of mind that the device will keep providing accurate results time after time. Get them from between $219 to $449.

Belkin Boost Up wireless charging dock

A new sleek and modern charging solution for the home and complete with a 7.5W wireless charging pad it’ll fuel your iPhone at the fastest possible wireless speed, while the built in Magnetic Charging Module powers your Apple Watch.

Sttoke blush pink reusable coffee cups

Both trendy and impassioned, the blush rose reusable coffee cup by Sttoke is as much a hot topic right now as it is useful for your morning brews. Or theirs. In bed. You know the gist. Get it for $44.95.

Gordon’s Premium Pink & Soda

If it’s not pink, is it even Valentine’s Day?

It comes in the season’s prettiest shade of pale blush pink, the cute bottled Gordon’s Premium Pink & Soda perfectly balances the natural sweetness of raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants and subtle juniper of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin, with sparkling soda water, for a sweet, light flavour. Get it from Dan Murphy’s.

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