The Diesel’s a-chuggin’

Who knew there were so many rules to wearing denim?

Sure as the day is sunny, not me, but there are. What are they? I haven’t the faintest recollection. I think I was so bemused by the fact that “seams can sit here, not here; pockets must stretch from here, to here; and the waistband must sit no higher than here“. Either way, regardless of my absorption – or lack thereof – of the plethora of information before us, it was enlightening.

Diesel held a great night, there is no lying. At their newest store in The GPT Group’s Melbourne Central on the corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets in Melbourne on a Tuesday (8 November 2011), the Diesel store was packed with bloggers, Melbourne social faces, a few models and the general riff-raff who attended to admire the goods and make the od purchase.

It is also the night I met some amazing new people, who’ve joined my escapades around the streets and scenes of Melbourne; and what a hoot they are.

Diesel’s new range features a great deal of denim, as its usual staple piece, with a nice mix – for the current spring/summer season – of colour and other cottons and fabrics that comprise the awesome selection of new clothes I was oh so tempted to try on and buy on the night.

Admittedly, the only thing keeping me from the notorious changerooms was the excessive, incessant heat, generated by the packed-in bodies of the two-storey store on a warm spring day.

That aside, a great social scene, great merchandise, a brilliant platform for me to make some new friends and a great experience at one of the greatest shopping centres in Melbourne: Melbourne Central.

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