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What’s on at this year’s Mardi Gras Laneway party

Sydney knows gay. So when Mardi Gras descends on the city each March and celebrates with the annual pride march down Oxford Street, the official after party and backs it up with Laneway at the Beresford by Merivale, you know the glitter season is on.

Each year, Laneway turns out the gay community’s finest in a show of campery like none other, which is why it comes as no surprise that one of this year’s headliners is the Perth-come-Sydney drag artist, Hannah Conda; a star on the rise.

What’s in store for each year’s festivities often varies, but if what Hannah has to say is any indication, this year will be something quite different.

“I’m so excited to be involved with Laneway this year. It’s a brilliant after party and to be asked was pretty exciting. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and we are planning out the logistics of it at the moment. If my vision comes to fruition it will be pretty colourful! That’s all I can say right now,” she said.

Alongside the likes of vocalist Peyton – who is visiting from Ibiza to appear at Laneway – and DJs Victoria Anthony, Haylenise and Amanda Louise, the party between the Beresford and its inimitable little laneway next door is going to be turned right up.

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Hannah Conda will hit the ground running, almost coming straight from her second consecutive performance at the Mardi Gras After Party (get tickets here), complete with her own horde of co-performers and “dreamy” back-up dancers.

“The soundtrack, the wig, the makeup and the boys! (Oh, my!) I am working with two boy dancers that are absolutely dreamy. We all have the drive to create a visual spectacular for the kids. There is a lot of creating and behind the scenes work that goes in to make the whole thing come to life and there is hours of work that goes in to creating that moment,” she said.

From Laneway, which runs from 2pm on Sunday 5 March til 1am Monday 6 March, Hannah will take a little bit of downtime, preparing for her next big thing, DragCon in the US later this year.

“I am lucky enough to be popping over to DragCon this year with the crew from Wigs By Vanity (leading drag wig producers), which is going to be iconic. Vanity and all the girls that are coming are going to make this trip truly memorable,” she said.

In the meantime, catch Hannah working her magic up and down Oxford Street, all weekend, every weekend.

Purchase tickets to this year’s Laneway Party at the Beresford by Merivale in Surry Hills here.

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