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Summer Safari in London: Mr Fogg’s Society Exploration

Africa is coming to Covent Garden in London as its own take on a boozy safari at Mr Fogg’s.

It’s all about exotic Whitley Neill handcrafted gin and vodka cocktails, cricket powder brownies and spruiking a largely unforgettable summer.

The venue will put on an immersive experience where adventurers and the curious will be invited to explore what lies below the streets of London. 

It’s a full themed experience for guests, turning staff members into full safari guides and khakis with pith helmets, the decor into African desert plains, and the menus into a card of exotic finds and libations found abundantly on the great continent. 

Completely – and charmingly – to theme, the team at Mr Fogg’s will be on hand to offer each and every explorer their liquid vaccinations, offering a welcome treat for guests taste buds, before serving up edible Victorian sun ointment, a coconut flavoured tropical, boozy mousse. Finishing it off with a Whitley Neill original handcrafted dry gin & tonic, featuring a quinine-rich tonic, of course, known to be a traditional mosquito deterrent. 

Then of course, there’s the food food menu; a sensory journey for both the eyes and stomach, featuring insects and game meat. Guests to this underground Safari can sample dishes like biltong, and curried tempura grasshoppers & courgette with a sweet chilli sauce, as well as cricket and chili rice cakes and cricket powder brownies.

Set to run until the start of September, the summer safari will offer a window into the wild world of Africa. For like-minded individuals who are keen to be transported via experiences and explore the magnificent Sahara plains, an off-the-beaten-track adventure awaits.

The Safari will run from 4 June to late September for £30 on or available in venue, at 1A Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HH

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