MSFW: Neo Dia

I remember a few years ago when Neo Dia was first introduced to Melbourne’s fashion circles. A new baby suckling of a label with its two co-designers with nothing but passion, a vision and determination to take what they knew how to craft to dizzying heights.

The ‘dizzying’ elements of the heights they’ve reached might still be a bit off, but to say they’ve succeeded is only to scratch the surface.

Neo Dia, back for their fifth year at MSFW since debuting in 2010 have gone from strength-to-strength in their women’s prey-a-porter fashion label that has brought founders Gavin Lowes and Becky Chua to runway after consecutive runway. 

This Melbourne Spring Fashion Week saw a parade of the typical silhouette of a Neo Dia dress: ready-to-wear, structured, a dress to be ‘stood in’ and form flattering. A woman can’t ask for more.

This season’s use of unexpected cuts and asymmetric detailing was a pleasing contrast to the stark geometry of their runway environs,, while wrapping techniques in flexible layered cloth to change the ordinary line of their garments pronounced more than was to be expected.

Photography courtesy of Meagan Harding Photography.






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