What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day?

If like a good boyfriend/husband/partner, you’ve got something lavish and romantic up your sleeves planned for this weekend’s Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need something snappy to wear.

Nothing throws a cool bucket of water on a guy’s or girl’s loins quicker than a date who put no effort into what they’re wearing and how they present themselves on lover’s night of nights.

Try some of these handy ideas for a place to settle in for the night, eat some winning dishes and while away the hours. 

And while you’re in the planning mood, try visiting any Politix store nearby. They have really upped-the-ante of late and have introduced better quality design, product both dressy and casual, and polished pieces that are perfectly well-suited to Valentine’s Day celebrations.

They’ve been around for 30 years so far and have focused since they started on men’s suiting and men’s casual wear.

Just remember that with Valentine’s Day, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Some of Politix’s options are quality, tailored to a regular formula for men’s bodies and are made of some quality natural and synthetic fibres for a good look and great longevity.

Playing on the idea behind the versatility of a suit, ease of regular colourways perfectly suited to the Autumn-Winter season and a traditional cut and style that will keep you looking dapper til the cows come home. Politix is about both following the crowd where they need to and leading the way where they don’t.

There are two in mind they have available at the moment, a burgundy and navy suit. Perfect to either be dressed-up with shirt and tie or worn more casually with an open collared shirt and pocket square.

Dinner and a show, dinner and a drink, dinner and a wander back to your bedroom; all are good options, all are necessary for a guaranteed good Valentine’s Day and all will need you to look better than you do normally.

Try Politix and be glad you did.

See the Politix website at politix.com.au










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