Summertime with Leo Joseph

For a country that is hard done by to know what the sun looks like, let alone feel the effects of its heat rays, some pretty funky swimwear does come from the Motherland that makes me really quite impressed with what they’re doing.

A stylish by name, stylish by nature men’s swimwear brand is Leo Joseph who works tirelessly to create and spruik some top notch swimwear for men the Commonwealth-over all the while maintaining a conscience.

Playing on the sensibilities the brand has toward conservation and endangered animals, Leo Joseph’s pieces are all expressive, simple, have that vintage look that speaks to a fair few wearers and features an endangered species; all playing the awareness-raising part.

If that’s not enough, Leo Joseph is a member of the WWF-UK’s business club and all of Leo Joseph’s products are UK made for both quality, social and environmental reasons.







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