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Your own custom Ray-Ban sunnies with new collection, Remix

Ray-Ban, the first sunglasses brand in history have managed to stay at the forefront of the game through an artful grasp of originality and innovation. In their constant journey of reinventing the wheel they are now bringing us the next step in what is going to give us the most individual and unique experience we’ll get to have when it comes to these most vital of accessories – sunglasses.

Ray Ban remix

We are talking Ray-Ban Remix, this innovation allows you to fully modify and design your own pair of sunglasses to craft something that is uniquely you. Almost every aspect of your Ray-Bans is customisable, meaning that the possibilities are almost endless in what you are able to create.

You have the full range of Ray-Bans signature styles at your disposal, so you’re already starting off with a good foundation, from there you have free reign to mix and match the colours and materials at your disposal to produce a truly unique piece. Some examples of the alterations you can make include: lenses, size, the case, and you can even have them personally engraved.

Ray Ban remix sunglasses

You can dial it up and go as extra as you want with the huge array of variables at your disposal. It is incredibly addictive and you may find yourself doing what I did and designing several pairs and then being irrevocably torn on which pair you would like. But that’s part of the fun and a credit to how good the experience is.

Ray Ban remix sunglasses

There’s also a great tool that is able to create a virtual model of your face that will show you how the sunglasses you’ve designed will look on you. This encourages you to be as adventurous as possible and try to create something that is truly a reflection of your individuality.

Ray Ban remix sunglasses

It’s not every day you get to create something from scratch in collaboration with one of the biggest brands in the world and there’s a lot to be said for how rewarding it is being able to wear something that you had a hand in creating.

Ray-Ban Remix is incredibly exciting and shows that the needs for more personalised and tailored experiences are able to be interwoven with the iconic and distinguished look that we’ve all come to associate with Ray-Ban.

See more and customise your own Ray-Ban Remix sunglasses at their website.

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