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There’s a new way to travel that won’t ruin your clothes – the Victorinox Pakmaster

Sure they’re known for their kitchenwares, supreme ability to cut stuff up and for supplying the world with Swiss army knives, but Victorinox don’t limit themselves to only one good thing.

In-keeping with their production of some of the best travel products the world has ever seen (humble opinion), Victorinox has a new addition to the range; the might PAKMASTER. It’s the newest and most stylish way to travel without creasing your fine clothes.

Here’s how:

Basically, it’s their newest, most clever and practical accessory designed for crease-resistant packing.

The Pakmaster works by keeping clothes in place, ensuring that shirts, blouses and even trousers, skirts and jackets arrive at your holiday destination with almost no wrinkles.

And because most of us can’t fold to save our lives, it comes with a board to ease the task of folding meanwhile opening flat for effortless positioning of garments.

Victorinox Pakmaster 1

Perfect for heading overseas for a wedding, ducking back home for the holidays seasons or just going from the gym-to-work without ruining your look, the Pakmaster has a thousand practical and stylish implications.

The Victorinox Pakmaster comes in two sizes; small and medium and can easily be tucked into a suitcase, a carry-on or a backpack. Get a Victorinox Pakmaster for $119 (small) or $139 (medium) from any stockist listed here.

Victorinox Pakmaster 2


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