MUJI opens its new Sydney flagship

Nature. Simplicity. Global. These core concepts have built the foundation of worldwide home improvements store, MUJI.

Established in Japan in 1980, and now with over 770 stores globally, MUJI produces high quality, minimalistic style goods ranging from homewares to stationary to apparel and can now be found in Sydney. Located in fashion hub The Galeries on George Street, MUJI made its launch into the Sydney market with a bang – a literal bang, that is, with amazing traditional Japanese drumming performance art.

With products spread beautifully across the penthouse-style store, MUJI transported guests into a systematised, merchandised heaven. Guests were wowed by the incredible beauty and functionality of stock – cardigans that multi as scarves, rows upon rows of storage solutions and state of the art stationary mixed among cashmere, smooth wooden surfaces and clean cut lines.

The merchandise encapsulated a lifestyle of streamlined elegance, and the handsome yet practical apparel captured perfectly the way the human behind this beautiful home would dress.

The store encouraged guests to partake in interactive purchases, with beautiful wooden stamps on display to decorate and personalise muslin bags, as well as handing out delicious Japanese cuisine hors d’oeuvres and Asahi beer to guide guests into the ambience of the evening.

MUJI bases itself on three key philosophies: selection of materials, streamlining of processes and simplification of packages. This aligns with MUJI’s full name, Mujirushi Ryohin, which directly translates to “no brand, quality goods,” and all of these ideologies are translated through the products, to the presentation of the store and into the customer.









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