The Melbourne Watch Company

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, they say. And while you’d be hard done to fit the entirety of Melbourne into the face of a watch, the saying still applies when you look at the collections of the Melbourne Watch Company.

It’s a small operation, founded and directed by Melburnian Sujain Krishnan whose love affair with Melbourne fuels the fire below the mechanical watch manufacturer whose success has been on the up-and-up since launching in 2013.

Krishnan loves the city of Melbourne, which has only made his decision to develop the company’s two debut collections, the Flinders and the Hawthorn after it so obviously. The designs of the timepieces sing praises to the areas and draw on a little hint of Melbourne in each one that tie the pieces iconically to the city.

It’s an interesting notion for Krishnan to have launched the Melbourne Watch Company in the year he did, amidst national and global woes and worries in retail. Truth is, Krishnan was bored of his previous work, so decided to chase a dream and make a living out of something he actually cared about; the result, mechanical watches, which stemmed from a long-standing passion he’d developed over years of custom watch design and crafting. He’s quite the  handyman it seems.



That aside, his worries when it comes to retail in Australia are non-existent, as he’s confident sales of his debut watch, the Flinders sales all of which are driven through his online platform at

What it is that makes the Melbourne Watch Company so desirable for even the most picky of timepiece connoisseurs is that the wristwatches are as beautiful a piece as the best of them, only come-in at a remarkably affordable price.

“I think that if you appreciate the work that goes into a mechanical watch and can afford one then there is no excuse to be wearing quartz,” said Krishnan.




There are many great affordable mechanical brands these days so you can get one on your wrist without breaking the bank. This was one of my goals with Melbourne Watch Company – to be able to offer a refined mechanical watch at an accessible price point.”

The past few months have been of great success for the Melbourne Watch Company, that Krishnan is left inspired for the future. His second debut piece, the Hawthorn will open-up for pre-orders in February and be readily available to the public by early June 2014. With a third design on the way, which has a lick of a nautical theme.

With nothing but possibilities ahead and great plans lying in wait, the Melbourne Watch Company is a new venture out to make a big splash.



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