Keep your Deeds Quiet and your ciders cold

Australians know alcohol.

Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen, but when you have as much success with as many entrepreneurs in the industry as we as a nation do, who cares?

Patrick Ale and David Milstein are two such Australians whose ingenuity and knack for alcohol, importing it and now creating it, has led to wide-spread success for themselves and their company, the Red Island Group.

They’re known for importing the incredibly well received and incredibly delicious ‘Swedish’ cider, Rekorderlig, which they begun importing in 2010 and really celebrated their success and growth potential. Where to from there is anyone’s guess (there’s talk of a Melbourne based brewery), but their latest addition, Quiet Deeds is one mammoth stepping stone to greatness.

It’s a new pale ale, the first of four the duo plan on releasing in 2013. It’s malty, florally and citrusy (read: friggin’ delicious).

They called it Quiet Deeds because it was the only name that came to mind that adequately reflects how the duo do business; quietly and successfully.

“We’re not about ego, the focus has always been on the products, not us. We simply want to deliver unique drinking experiences to Australia,” they said.

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