Claude Maus AW14

The first thing you notice about the Claude Maus collection is how dark it is.

If you’re the type of person that subscribes to the idea that Melbourne as a city can’t function without several pairs of black everything lining the wardrobes of every one of its citizens then you might just be the ideal Claude Maus candidate.

They’re the kind of fashion brand that focuses heavily on the fabrics they use, the textures they inspire and the movement of the clothes as they’re worn on the body, really allowing the design elements behind the pieces to take a little more centre stage.

With elements like boxy shapes in the body wear, a sporty-gothic aesthetic, quilting and wadding in key jackets and outerwear, leather with eccentric detailing like perforation and weaving and denim in numerous ways, you get the very Melburnian vibe with a very dramatic feel.

It’s a brilliant collection that when paired together creates a look that is neither Saxony, Et Al nor Lui Hon, but something else entirely and something that anyone who cares about their image couldn’t really go past.

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