Oscar Hunt’s new showroom

You might remember I made some new friends a few months ago at Oscar Hunt, specialist tailors and garment makers for men that bring back a certain air of sophistication to those who’re keen enough to look the part. They do a great job and have aligned themselves with some of the most stylish men in Melbourne.

Oscar Hunt once operated from a modest, but daringly gentlemanly little nook off one of Melbourne’s prominent laneways that did a great job it seems in introducing men who needed custom made suiting to the work they did.

However, as with all things good, they outgrew their meagre dwellings and have moved further afield to their new showroom on an even more prominent lane way in Melbourne’s heartland, Level 3/43 Hardware Lane. For those who don’t know, this little European strip of our city is run rampant with restaurants, cocktail bars and eateries befitting the most picky of gastronomes. 

The guys at Oscar Hunt bring a really nice perspective to men’s tailoring. With their laid back manner and welcoming  professionalism coupled with their knowledge of exactly what they’re doing, they’re destined for success.

These days there are so many bespoke men’s tailors that offer the same thing for varying prices. At Oscar Hunt, they keep their prices affordable, their tailoring reliable and their competition fierce, ensuring they’re one of the best in what they do.

Their winter campaign, which launched a few months ago is inspired and shows many ways men can dress in the cooler months. Talk about inspiration.







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