Linneys Garden of Eden Collection


A family business with more than just a beautiful legacy is one of the more secretive names in the country’s jewellery and accessoires offering who’ve recently brought to the fore a collection reminiscent of the most natural and pure dawn of time, the Garden of Eden.

Linneys is an Australian founded and directed jewelery company whose long history of tradition and influence on jewellery has seen it launch its 2013 Garden of Eden Collection.

Linneys typically award winning, handcrafted jewellery pieces smudge the line between jewllery and works of art while boast a range of jewellery for men and women that feature and showcase everything from delicate bird cages to elaborate gold cuffs inspired by the Garden of Versailles as seen by Linneys founders Alan and Justin Linney.

For the Garden of Eden Collection, the Linneys travelled to Europe to gather their inspiration for their work. Paris, London and the gardens of Lake Como all played their part in inspiring the gentlemen to replicate the world’s most beautiful gardens and the natural beauty they embody.

From structured classic forms to organic contours, gardens provide a myriad of shapes and textures that played the perfect back story to the collection, which is intended to simply celebrate nature and the enjoyment of seeing the ever changing face of the landscape.

The 2013 collection includes extensive ranges for both men and women, including the signature Linneys neoprene bracelets and necklaces featuring Australian and South Sea and Tahitian pearls.

Linneys has showrooms in Sydney, Perth and Broome, so next time you’re swanning around on a shopping trip, be sure to check them out.

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