Gant’s Yale Co-Op

The GANT Yale Co-op shirt is the genuine result of more than 65 years of in-depth knowledge, they say, and the the original style shirts like those first worn by students and professors at Yale during the 1960s.

For those with a penchant for vintage, this is one of the ultimates.

The Yale Co-op shirt is rich in legacy and history. Born in 1949, it’s got the same perfect timeless fit and details today that made it famous back then: the quintessential Gant locker loop, the button-down collar, the box pleat, and the button on the back of the collar to keep the tie in place.

Back in the ‘60s, this shirt became a runaway hit in GANT’s hometown, New Haven, where Yale students just couldn’t get enough. So was the way of the preppy look we’ve come to so readily associate with this little movement.

Nowadays, based on original designs from the late 1960s, this button-down shirt line consists of two running styles in 100% semi-lightweight Archive Oxford cloth, and comes in both solids, banker stripes, and checked. All styles are available for both men and women.

Let’s bring it back.








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