Enchanté, Mr. Carter

For the week that was L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, I paid a visit to The Wearer’s Right to see Sam and Zach Carter from their Sydney-based menswear label, Mr. Carter.

It was a pop-up fashion exhibition of designers from Australia and abroad to show-off their wares and pique the interest of editors, bloggers, photographers, buyers and anyone else keen on anything fashion-related.

It was held in the back room of the Thousand Pound Bend on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD and paid homage to 17 different designers.

The collective was a part of this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with a vision to unite, inspire, and service the ready-to-wear fashion industry.

Mr. Carter, as I mentioned, hails from Sydney and fills a void in menswear offerings when it comes to cheeky street wear with an irreverent edge for the everyman.

They take the usual menswear pieces and offer a unique slant on them, such as tailored beach trunks with unique colouring, varying fabrics and a mix of nice elegance with something a little bit cheeky.

Sam and Zach found they couldn’t quite find the clothes they wanted to wear in standard offerings in Australia, so decided to do what they could to bring their love to those who felt the same.

Their label almost idealises the personality of Sam, the younger, cheekier brother and offers a few brilliant additions and alternatives to regular menswear. Their blazers feature intricate detailing, whole and gorgeous fabrics like wool and cotton and suitably appropriate cuts, which allow essentially everything in their range to be easily dressed-up or down with ease. Handy.

The idea behind the label is that no one goes into a store and buys an entire look, rather they purchase a few pieces to take and orchestrate their own look. With this line of thinking, Mr. Carter’s basic pieces and versatile colourings fit the requirement of people who dress in this way perfectly.

At present, the label is in its second season and can be found in ten stockists around the country in such cities and Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and New Zealand.

Mr. Carter’s new range is a play on the movie Point Break (1991) and features a take-off of the infamous line “I am not a crook” by American president, Richard Nixon (hence the Nixon heads adorning their pop-up stall). For the Spring-Summer 2012 range, they’re playing on the ‘beach-to-bar’ notion, of with sand in your hair, you throw on a blazer and head to the beach-front bar for a drink with friends – really everyone’s idea of a beach escape holiday.

The two brothers bring to the table determination, passion, an interesting bevvie of educational mixes and a love for what they do, all the while injecting a mix of their personality into the brand.

Check out the range at http://www.mrcarter.com.au/.

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