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The art of made-to-measure according to P Johnson Tailors and Suit Shop

The Strand Arcade in Sydney is synonymous with fashion and design talent and still, playing home to many of the city’s finest retailers and apparel artisans.

It’s a collective of people that trade there to whom the principles of design, retail and manufacturing are held dearly close to their hearts. They stop at nothing when it comes to manually forging quality anything, really, for the enjoyment of customers both new and veteran.

One such artisan whose long-standing shop is Patrick Johnson whose passion for tailoring and quality is so overbearingly admirable, you have to visit. We had a chat with him…

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What is it about made-to-measure suiting that got you started in the industry?

I was initially drawn to the craft of tailoring for its pragmatism and beauty. I have always been interested in clothing but it was my time in London after school (7 years) when I decided to focus on made-to-measure tailoring as a career.

How has the brand evolved over time?

It evolves every day. Over the years we have developed based on the needs of our clients – we have opened showrooms internationally, set up our own atelier in Tuscany, developed our own software, refined our garment patterns, and created ready to wear collections for Mr Porter and Barneys. Our goal has always been to help men dress better, and this drives us to provide the best possible options for our clients, at the best value.


When did you first open in the Strand and why?

We first opened in the Strand with our brother brand Suit Shop, in 2014.

The Strand is one of Sydney’s most beautiful and iconic buildings, and we were drawn to the light-filled, central space.


How does the made-to-measure process work?

We begin with an appointment with one of our tailors, to determine our client’s exact requirements. We guide you through all the decisions that go into making a suit, and conduct the initial fitting. With our unique software, our team in our showrooms can create a completely singular pattern, send it instantly to our cut room in London to be reviewed and then on to our workshop in Tuscany, where our suits are artisanally crafted in around six weeks. We then conduct a second fitting, and can make adjustments as required.

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What are the three most important things for people to consider when buying custom suit?

There are a lot of different things in the construction of a good quality suit that people can look for. Yes, our suits are artisanally crafted, fully canvassed, made in Italy from the finest materials, but in the end while all that is important, it shouldn’t be the focus. Men should be focusing primarily on comfort. Looking and feeling comfortable, so the suit can become a part of their life and they can wear it unconsciously.


How important are ‘the details’?

Unless a suit is made especially for you, you will always compromise. In that way, I’d say the details are important as they all help to craft an individual piece that can truly reflect the wearer.

Where do you source your fabrics?

We work with the very best technical merino weavers, most of which are based in the Biella area of Piedmonte in North West Italy, using Australian grown merino wool. We also work with some of the classic UK mills for more niche requirements. Our linens are variously sourced from classic Irish to softer Belgian linens, as well as very light Italian. Our cottons are sourced from specialist weavers in the Varese region of Northern Italy, and Japanese weavers as well. Our shirting cloths are Italian spun and woven Egyptian cottons.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

I’m inspired by many things, but I think mostly it is nature. 

What’s next for the brand?
We are continually evolving, working to make the best possible product, at the best possible value, and in an ethical way so as to benefit everyone involved in the process. 

See more at the P. Johnson website here.

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