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Scandi interiors just got a new name thanks to IKEA: YPPERLIG

IKEA have teamed up with iconic Danish design duo HAY to create the ultimate Scandi collection of dreams – the YPPERLIG collection that drops in stores today.

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IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi green room

The collection is everything you could’ve dreamt up of when it comes to Scandinavian design thanks to the joint Swedish and Danish efforts: light shades of wood and clean design with an overwhelmingly practical implication are what make the collection. It’s a complete minimalistic heaven that would make even Calvin Klein turn over with aesthetic emotion.

The most notable part, though? HAY does colour. A far cry from what most would expect; crisp whites and desaturated materials all-to-often associated with the north of the northern hemisphere. And hey do it well.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi dark room

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Couple that with the overarching practicality and ease-of-coordination and the collection has everything that you’d possibly need.

It stays more than true to that tried-and-tested understanding of IKEA: it has everything. From candle holders to pot plants to chairs and sofas, the collection is genuinely well thought-out and even more so executed.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi office

Each piece created by HAY and IKEA is a celebration of basics; where products are clever yet understated, all with a timeless quality that ages beautifully. The collaboration challenged both HAY and IKEA to push the traditional Scandinavian design boundaries.

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YPPERLIG is designed to be perfectly incorporated into your home, a hallmark of Scandinavian design. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul and throw out everything that you own, allowing the minimal and clean design’s versatility to really shine.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi stools

HAY is a Danish design house founded by couple Mette and Rolf Hay from Copenhagen. Since 2002, they’ve gone in leaps and bounds in the world of design, cottoning-on to the fact that its a branch and aesthetic of design that Australians seem to love – they even have their own shop on Crown Street, Surry Hills.

Not only that, HAY have decided to give a new twist to the much loved FRAKTA bag.

The bag has been having a serious resurgence after Balenciaga tried to make it a runway thing in 2017, so naturally, they played along.

“It’s one of the most known and used IKEA products, but one that no one appreciates as a design object. It’s a celebration of this iconic product,” said Mette.

“When creating accessories I like to look to fashion and trends and I think that the accessories we’ve developed together for this collection will make people see some of the most well-known IKEA products in a different way. Really good products made by IKEA and sprinkled with a bit of HAY.”

It’s all available now in stores and online.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi tea table










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