San Churro vegan dip

San Churros new vegan range is seriously in demand

It’s a problem faced by vegans worldwide: you go out to eat with some friends, sit down and grab the menu, and find out that there’s absolutely nothing at the restaurant you can eat.

After making a special request for the chef to prepare a salad and getting served a bowl of wilted lettuce and some sad olives, you swear: never again!

Well, we can’t promise your local pub is going to up their vegan game any time soon, but we can tell you that next time you’ve got that churro craving, you can head down to San Churro and they will do you right!

San Churro vegan caramel

While there have been a couple of hidden vegan treats on their menu for a while now, a total overhaul has seen a whole range of all-vegan items introduced, and clear labelling to show exactly what you can and can’t eat if you’re trying to avoid animal products.

We got stuck in to a serve of their famous churros, accompanied by two different vegan sauces – dark chocolate and cookie dough – and enough pieces of delicious, fresh fruit that we almost convinced ourselves we didn’t need to hit the gym afterwards.

San Churro vegan fondue

The churros are, as always, insanely delicious; but it’s the Happy Vegan bowl that really has people talking.

Picture this: a cinnamon and sugar-rolled churro bowl, filled with salted caramel and honeycomb gelato, topped with dark chocolate sauce, strawberries, and Oreo cookies. It’s been so heavily in demand by vegans and non-vegans alike that it’s been rapidly selling out at stores across the country, and we can see why.

If you’re more in the mood for a snack or a drink – or the Happy Vegan has been snapped up by happy vegans before you – don’t stress, because most of the San Churro drinks range can be made vegan with almond or soy milk, and you can still grab a churro to go (or even try the Churros Snack Pack, a sweet take on your favourite HSP).

It might be taking some people a while to catch up to how delicious plant-based food can be, but San Churro is right on the money with their new range. Get in quick!

San Churro vegan fondue

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