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Reasons why Colorbond Steel is a better option than timber for your outdoor structures

While constructing, the main goal is to make your outdoor structure look more attractive, last for a longer period and cost less money.

The most common question is “which is better and which is cheaper?” Colorbond steel is a product that is cheaper than timber, durable and has a better look. Thus, it is a better option.

What can colorbond be used for?

You can use colorbond steel for your verandah, carports, patios and many other structures. Colorbond products are durable and they come with a 25-year structural guarantee.

Steel is a better option than timber because then you will not have to worry about termites destroying it and having to waste more money re-doing it.

In Melbourne, timber is prone to termites. It also tends to rot soon if not painted regularly, with colorbond you need not worry about all this.

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It saves your money

Many think that colorbond steel is more expensive but it is not. If you put together the cost for using timber, repainting it after some years and redoing it in case there were termites the total expenditure will cost you a bomb.

Hence, colorbond is much cheaper in comparison. Also, Colorbond steel doesn’t require as many posts and beams as that of timber.

Adding style to your home and to your life

If you want to build a patio, verandah or deck to add value to your home or to make your house more spacious then it is a good investment because it offers you various new and modern designs to help enhance your home.

Virtually maintenance free

We currently live in a place where everything is so fast; no one really has time which is why people want things that don’t require much maintenance. Maintaining it’s steel structure is easier than timber, it requires the bare minimum of washing it down with a hose.

Hence people opt for this rather than for timber because you need to take more care of timber as insects and other bugs like to live in the corners and getting rid of these insects are hard and requires more effort and time.

Modern time, modern designs

Using colorbond steel is the new and current trend, having timber pergolas and decks are out of trend and considered old.

While adding structure to your house it is important to make it look like it is a part of your house. Besides being cheaper, the other pro’s of it are that it offers a variety of shades to choose from so that it is easy to find a shade that matches your house. Nowadays many residents go for this selection because of the many benefits that it has to offer.

Now that you know why and how colorbond is better than timber make sure to use it for better results and for your outdoor structure to last for a longer period.

About the author:

Darren Wallis heads Modern Solutions. They are known for their skill and knowledge is the most trendiest and ergonomic verandah designs and stratco pergola in Melbourne.

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