Rok Kombucha

If you’re not drinking Rok Kombucha, are you even living your best life?

If there’s one era we’re living in the time of, it’s the health trend.

From activated almonds to quinoa, kale, green juices and healthy food delivery boxes, it’s all happening. There’s one more, though, that is almost as odd in conception as it is in practise, but offers such health benefits it’s hard to deny.

Kombucha is one of things that is said to have been around for so long, no one remembers where it came from other than that one, mythical scoby, harvested from a previous batch (a scoby is like the bacterial growth bit that makes the good bits of the drinks). Whether it’s from China or Russia and classified as either a drink, a tea or a healthy drink – which it is – it doesn’t matter because the benefits far outweigh the debate.

Rok Kombucha has caught on to this fact and turned the humble scoby into a thriving movement of kombucha drinking health-nuts that are so pro-probiotic it’s infectious.

They’re all about Raw-Organic-Kombucha (R.O.K., get it?), born from a passion for delicious, healthy beverages, Rok’s founders converted a successful career as an award-winning winemaker and wine show judge into the beverages, bringing the drink even more into popularity than it is.

In a little over a year ROK is now stocked by 300 health food stores, speciality grocers, supermarkets and cafes, meaning that more-and-more people are learning to love the gut-loving probiotics right back.

ROK is made using the finest quality white and green tea – teas that are richer in antioxidants that black tea – filtered, pure Margret River water, raw organic sugar and raw, cold pressed juices for flavour. Refreshing and bubbly, ROK is all natural, preservative -free alternative to other stuff on the market that won’t do you good. And it comes in a range of flavours, so check them out and get yours here.

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