There’s a new range of gold skincare by Sassou Japan you need to try

So Midas was a bit of a dick, but if there’s one thing we leart from him, it is the power of gold.

Which is why when Japanese skincare label Sassou started using it in their products, enthusiasts around the world kind of began to panic

As gold studies show, the wavelengths at which negative ions are released are similar to that of the human body, allowing gold to reinvigorate cellular bioelectric currents which weaken as a result of ageing.

It’s basically a flash way of saying gold is good for your skin.

As a heat conducting metal, gold actively draws heat to the skin’s surface upon application and stimulates blood flow and circulation. In turn, this mineral rejuvenates cellular structures in the skin by stimulating collagen production, improving elasticity, and increasing skin cell metabolism, which includes the secretion of toxins. As such, skin is left looking healthy, nourished and youthful with an incredible iridescence.

The Sassou Japan skincare label recently launch its Goldwaver anti-ageing line in Australia, which pioneers the use and application of natural plant extracts and 24K gold leaf. it has emerged as a luxurious skincare solution for Australians seeking to address signs of ageing including dark spots, dull skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and environmental damage.

See more about the Sassou gold range at the Sassou website.

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