Movie review: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Based on the Les Standiford novel of the same name, The Man Who Invented Christmas is an uplifting story about Charles Dickens’ creation of the beloved A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol is a timeless tale about family, friends and generosity at Christmas. A reminder that this is the one time of year we should be completely selfless.

The movie centres around a debt-ridden Dickens, whose successful Oliver Twist, has been followed by a number of literary and, more importantly, commercial flops. Through flashbacks, the audience is offered a glimpse into Dickens’ formative years – a time where his father was incarcerated in a debtors’ prison and Dickens, himself, had to find work in a factory alongside other impoverished children to support the family.

Despite the gloomy backstory, the movie’s plot is largely two hours of writers’ block punctuated with pithy quips as Dickens takes his literary frustrations out on the family and friends around him.

Dan Stevens [Downtown Abbey, Beauty and the Beast] is a charming and charismatic Dickens. With his twinkling blue eyes, he satisfyingly portrays the many moods of writers in the throes of a story that just will not come together.

Stevens is supported by an all-star cast which help to bring Victorian London with the tight-fisted Scrooge and ghostly Marley to life.

Like A Christmas Carol in the 19th-century, The Man Who Invented Christmas reminds audiences of the meaning of Christmas. As with many other beloved Christmas films, such as It’s a Wonderful Life and A Miracle on 34th Street, this simple story is sure to become a festive household staple.

The Man Who Invented Christmas is in Australian cinemas Thursday, 30 November.

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