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Making cocktails at home just got easier, thanks to Cocktail Porter

We all love the idea of being able to whip up a quick cocktail at home. Whether you’re pouring yourself an Old Fashioned after a long day at work, wooing your new squeeze with a dirty martini, or whipping up a round of mojitos for friends; the idea of being the kind of person who can pull together a round of cocktails without breaking a sweat is a really appealing one.

However, it’s also really expensive to buy everything you need for an at-home bar: once you’ve got the cocktail shaker and some nice glassware, you need to get the ingredients to make your favourite drink, and that can be the kind of spend that sees you eating mi goreng and lentils for a week.

Fortunately, though, the clever folks at Cocktail Porter have come up with a solution. Their offering is a monthly subscription box that gives you everything you need to create a classic cocktail, delivered right to your door. You can grab the Martini Box, the Treacle Old Fashioned box, the Bloody Mary box – and instead of having to run to your local bottle-o to get every ingredient, they’ll arrive at your door in perfect quantities, with instructions to boot (the number of steps involved in making each drink is also noted, for those of us who might be a little intimidated by the whole process).

You can purchase a one-off box, but for subscribers, you’ll receive a new cocktail every month: November’s is a spritz, which is perfect for racing season, and December’s is an espresso martini: ideal for giving you the fuel required to get through the office Christmas party. If your cupboards are totally bare, don’t worry: Cocktail Porter can also supply you with the tools required to mix up the drinks, from glassware to rose gold cocktail shakers. And if you’re still not convinced by any of this, and would rather just grab something simple you can sip from a bottle? They also sell each cocktail in a bottled version. We’ll drink to that.

For now, too, the Cocktail Porter has on offer, the March Cocktail Box: Blood Orange & Turmeric Gimlet. Get it for only $135 a month for a subscription service, or $145 for a one-off cocktail kit you can select from our menu, this is set to be the new standard for entertaining  like a pro.

Find out more about Cocktail Porter at their website.

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