Make your holidays ones to remember: The GoPro MAX 6K Waterproof camera + WIN

Sure, you can take a photo or video with your phone, but will it smooth out your video? No.

Will it automatically adjust to your surroundings to take the perfect pic? Probably not.

Can you tell it to take a photo or start or stop recording while being kicked by an elephant? No? Shame.

The GoProMAX can and that’s exactly why you need it on your next holiday. I mean, there’s nothing I can say about it that betters this video, so let’s take a sec…

The little tech heads at GoPro have been toiling away to serve us up some seriously kick-arse quality piece of basically professional photo and video hardware that takes the cake.

The dawning of the new age, the GoPro MAX – in black, ‘cos stylin’ – is waterproof to 5 metres, gets down with 12 commands from your mouth, enhances all the photos you could ever take, can go live and stream the stuff you capture while posting to stories (because you’re an influencer), has two lenses for some seriously impressive footage capture and can do some seriously impressive other stuff:

  • TimeWarp video
  • Videos footage at 6K30 Source / 5.6K30 Stitched/ 3K60 Source / Stitched
  • Photos at 18MP Source / 16.6MP Stitched
  • 2x SloMo
  • A touch screen for all your editing needs
  • Time lapse
  • and a new look for GoPro!
  • See everything else at the Max website here

Oh, and we’re giving one away!

Here’s how to enter. Fill out the form. We’ll draw it. Cross your fingers.

You’ll win:

– GoPro MAX 

– MAX Grip + Tripod

– Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts

Entries close 11:59PM AEST 30 June 2020. Terms and conditions here.

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