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Lockdown hair tips from an American Crew hair professional

We’re all looking at well over four week’s lockdown for Covid-19. It’s boring, we’re screaming out for a dinner in a restaurant, a drink with friends or, for most, a haircut!

That’s where pros like Luke Munn, the American Crew 2020 All-Star Challenge Australian Winner comes in with his tips for how to keep your hair looking decidedly less hideous for the times you don’t want a barber breathing directly in your face.

We had a chat and got his insider tips.

“My biggest DIY tip is to not colour or cut your own hair at home. It will create more work for you in the future.

Use this time to instead experiment with longer styles. Long hair is back in trend and I think that using some base products from the American Crew Line you can create manageable hair at home.

For long hair, I love using something like the Grooming Spray or the Tech series Boost Spray. These products will allow you to add volume and texture to your hair which will allow you more freedom in how you style your hair.

If you had longer curly hair, the Fiber grooming cream I find is a solid product choice when scrunched into the hair. Shorter curls I always find myself using Boost Powder and Defining Paste, these are the products I use myself and always find myself going back to them as an overall great product.

If you have the chance have your stylist explain how to style and allow long hair to grow nice. Some barbers may still be able to offer a service for you and you could have them cut something that will allow you the freedom of styles when its longer.

Overall maintenance of hair, keeping if clean, repairing damaged hair etc.

American Crew offer an amazing range of hair and body products to suit your needs from Shampoo and Conditioner to SPF moisturiser.

My outlook on everything that is going on at the moment is that people can experiment more with hair and styling. That clean cut office haircut you had to have for work?

Grow it out. Once this is over have your stylist cut something professional but still with a modern creative twist. At the end of the day, when in isolation you can allow your hair to get as wild as you want and worry about it when this is all over.

Plus that rugged worn in haircut with lots of texture is in trend at the moment so that is always a bonus.”

So there. Don’t cut it and try a new look with some of your own personal flair. Not a bad tip for us all! For more, head to the American Crew website.

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