James Batchelor RedShift Chunky Move Melbourne

James Batchelor stretches time and space in his new dance work REDSHIFT

From 23 November to 2 December, dancer James Batchelor will be putting his reception of Chunky Move’s prestigious Next Move 2017 commission in his presentation of the world premiere of REDSHIFT. 

James Batchelor RedShift Chunky Move Melbourne dance men

Noted as one of Australia’s most formidable young dance makers, Batchelor is pulling out all stops this season to answer such interpretive porognostications without clarity as ‘what drives us as humans to explore the unknown from the deep ocean, to deep space?’, ‘what is the physical encounter with the unknown?’, ‘how do we recognise it?,’ and ‘how do we capture it?’

The unknown is a mysterious and romantic place for Batchelor, so he’s taken it and used it in a production that is as moving as the response to those timeless questions.

In this new work, he stretches time and space: a shift in awareness from the very large to the very small, to some surprising places, both surreal and humorous.

Batchelor has partnered with visual artist, Annalise Rees and sound designer Morgan Hickinbotham to the encounter of the body with the universe and the process of mapping it.

His whole mission through this work is to inspire curiosity.

“I strive to find ways that dance can be a conversation, collaboration and exchange with other disciplines and communities,” he says.

You can see it all unfold at Chunky Move Studios, Melbourne. See more here.

James Batchelor RedShift Chunky Move Melbourne dance

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