American Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class

How to fly: American Airlines Business Class

Australians love to travel. And if some stats from are anything to go by, America makes the cut of top-three most preferred destinations on the list of countries we love to travel to.

American Airlines Business Class seats

But the days of flying economy are so passe, so when it comes to flying to and from the US there’s only one option and that’s American Airlines Business Class.

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American Airlines International Business takes-on a new form of flying and serves it up directly into the single most welcome highlight of any international travel journey you could ask for.

Where to begin in listing the perks of flying in the seats are hard to decide, but there’s something about the lay-flat beds that just speaks volumes.

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Couple that with the privacy of your own little cocoon of space, retractable television that plays all the latest movies, included amenities, both new and classic it’s a comfortable flying experience. Of course, made that much better with the comfort of complimentary pyjamas and sleeping pillows and blankets.

American Airlines Business Class amenities

The kitchen on-board has partnered with Mark Sargeant and Maneet Chauhan to produce an in-flight menu that is as many parts gourmet as it is practical. Perfectly portioned and well-constructed, the dishes offer something new to in-flight dining that adds a welcome creature comfort element to the service.

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Comfortable, convenient, clean, professional and in going above and beyond what makes a standard flight in economy, the American Airlines International Business Class should be top-of-the-list when it comes to your next US holiday.

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