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How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

Baby showers are an exciting time for the mother, and the people attending them. Along with the games, wine (not for the mother!), and the gifts that pile up for the mother-to-be. But now, you’re faced with a problem; how much am I supposed to spend on a baby shower gift? That depends on who you’re buying for, of course!

Who are you buying for?

To determine how much money you should spend on a gift, you need to think of how well you know the person. Gifts should be determined by how good of a relationship you have with the mother-to-be, as well. Maybe you know an acquaintance better than your cousin, for example.

$50 and under – Acquaintances, co-workers, distant delatives

There are a lot of cute things you can buy for under $50 dollars, and these include things the baby will need from the time they’re born. Examples of great gifts in their price range are a bottle warmer, bath toys, soothers, and a photography package. Don’t feel pressured to get something more expensive, or cute; they’ll appreciate the thought.

Up to $100 – Relatives, cousins, close friends

It’s pretty common to spend money in this price range for a baby-shower gift. We would recommend getting the host a baby shower gift hamper from Milly & Henry. You can mix and match different items in the hamper, including clothing, stuffed animals, bibs, socks and more. You could also look into getting a diaper pail, baby wipes and diapers, sound machine, or a baby bottle gift set. 

$200 and up – Uncles, aunts, and grandparents

This category can also include generous friends, best friends, or godparents. There are a lot of awesome gifts you can get in this category, because there isn’t a limit on how much you want to give the couple. Think about getting them something like a crib, or a stroller. The $200 range can also include multiple items at once like a starter pack of diapers, wipes, soothers, teethers, clothing and anything else you think they’ll need. 

If you feel like some of these items are out of your budget, ask a friend to pitch in with you. Regardless of what you get, I’m sure the new mother and father will be happy to cross a big item off their list.

When in doubt, check the shopping registry

Some baby showers have a shop registry, which will tell it’s guests what the mother and father need. Check which items are left on the list if you haven’t claimed anything yet. If all the smaller, low priced items have been taken, prioritize necessities. It’s more important for the mother to get a rattle or a book, rather than a stuffed animal.

There’s always the option of buying a gift card and putting it in a hand-written note. This way, the mother and father can buy any items on the registry that weren’t purchased.

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