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Home improvement ideas for summer

ith summer in Australia well and truly in full swing, it’s time to shake things up a little and get your teeth stuck into some simple DIY projects. Here’s some easy home improvement projects like subfloor ventilation that will have a huge impact on your home so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine when it arrives.

Outdoor additions

If your interior is already summer ready why not consider what options you have to overhaul your outdoor space. Add shade and style with a gazebo or a shade sail for those hot afternoons spent relaxing in the garden. These temporary fittings can be removed and erected when they’re needed which is great if your outdoor space is limited. It can, however, be time consuming and a little annoying having to take down and store the gazebo so for a more permanent solution why not get some outdoor blinds in Sydney. They create a stylish, sleek feel to your outdoor space whilst shading your windows and helping you save on those energy bills- A perfect and practical addition.


Nothing instantly updates a room more than a fresh lick of paint. Whether you sharpen up with a new coat of the same colour or go bold and and try something new you’re sure to liven things up this summer and make an impression. There’s one key thing to consider when painting and that’s to prepare. Make sure you spend time taping off all edges to prevent smudging, you’ll also need to cover the floor and any furniture so it doesn’t get ruined in the process. If you’ve chosen to go bold and change the colour of your walls it may be worth doing a patch test first so you can see what colour the paint is when it’s dry. That way you’ll know exactly how your project will turn out in the end.

New soft furnishings

If you choose to be daring and mix things up when repainting why not take your project that one step further and change the soft furnishings for that extra added touch. New cushions which compliment the colour of your walls will make a massive difference to the look of your room, large patterned cushions or smaller scatter cushions will be the perfect addition. Changing the window coverings can also have a huge impact. Roller blinds or shutter blinds give a modern and sleek feel to a room and are perfect for the summer months as they allow a room to be airy and light whilst shielding you from the overbearing sun.

Repair and prepare the deck

With the sun on its way, there’s not better time to prepare the deck ready for the regular BBQs and parties. The cold and harsh weather conditions during the winter months will have damaged the wood, but not beyond repair. Start creating your deck’s new lease of life by cleaning the surface. The best way to do this is with a stiff bristled brush, a hose pipe and lots of elbow grease- there’s always the option to use a pressure washer too. Once the deck is prepared apply wood stain generously with a brush and leave to dry- it will look as good as new. You can then add some potted plants or new outdoor furniture to complete the summer look.


Enjoy the feeling of a brand new home without the hassle of moving by following these handy tips for a summer shake up. Fall in love with home improvement and DIY again and enjoy the benefits of all your hard work whilst relaxing and enjoying sunshine.

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