Hendricks gin Awakening

Hendricks has awakened and you need a bottle

Gin & Sin have always been a pigeon pair synonymous with making any evening a memorable one. But Hendrick’s is putting something more than just a tonic finish and a cucumber garnish in their highly prestigious dry gin. Now, they’re looking to awaken cocktail connoisseurs everywhere, with their weekend long immersive theatre event aptly named “The Awakening”.

Take an underground event (because hidden things are always more tempting), put it in Waterloo’s gentrified warehouse The Commune, and fill the whole place up with escaped lunatics from the Insane asylum (no, not the attendants), naked male models and all the red roses from American Beauty and the Botanic Gardens combined, and you get Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic latest addition to the entertainment sphere.

Partnering with Siren Theatre Co, experiencing The Awakening involves three things: walking through a series of insane asylum-carnivalesque themed performances, engaging with activities that defy your comfort zone and getting loaded with Hendricks so you enjoy the entire absurd experience in an intoxicated and open state of mind.

Although they experiment with unique theatrical performances and tantalizing live events, Hendricks remembers to stay true to it’s reputation, by providing attendees with decadent cocktails at every turn. Think classic G&T’s you’d indulge with your grandfather on a Sunday evening, the seasonal gin cocktail of the month you’d sample at a bar, a warmed gin drink served in an illustrious crockery set that draws literary inspiration from classic works of notorious authors while warming your palette with a spiced sensation, and an experimental finish that blows your tastebuds.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to wet your palette, there’s a Hendrick’s open Gin Bar to conclude.

As cryptic as I’m being, one thing I can guarantee is that this event evokes the true beauty of Hendrick’s gin: a rich history in distilling high quality alcohol that instills a heightened sense of one’s lust for life and an appreciation for things that push you outside your comfort zone. Combining theatrics, flair and ethanol excellence, Hendrick’s “The Awakening” is the alcohol event Sydney needs to awaken it’s nightlife.

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