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Have sex this Mardi Gras: Lovehoney has your needs covered

Aside from gays, lesbians, transgendered people, their friends and everyone else who identifies under the LGBTIQ the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is about two things: acceptance and love. Emphasis on love.

If you’ve ever been to the Mardi Gras after party or just generally been in around Sydney during the season, you know how much of it goes on: in the physical and emotional sense, so it makes sense for Lovehoney, the name in kink, fetish and toys, to have their hand in it. Proverbially.

They’ve got some new toys for men, women and everyone else that is sure to enhance your personal or partnered time exponentially, depending on your level of skill and sliding scale of enthusiasm.

Here’s what’s good:

1. Happy Rabbit
Looking for something to take you over the edge with a 17% longer orgasm? The science has been proven using women only, but we’d love for everyone to test the theory. This revamped rabbit has 15 vibration modes, is waterproof and you can control the shaft and ears separately – so it’s basically two toys for the price of one. When it comes to colour, three is definitely not a crowd as this beauty comes in pink, purple and black. Get it for $99.95.

2. Lovehoney Oh! Roll Play Foreplay Dice 
Let’s face it, it’s not as much fun licking yourself, so invite your partner (or partners) in to play and roll the night away with this dice game. You can choose whether to be romantic or erotic, so let Lady Luck guide you through the night. Get it for $8.95.

3. Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit (8 Piece)

Like many people, if you haven’t turned the spare room in your house into a ‘Red Room’, this play kit is the perfect starter. Whether you’re a beginner to BDSM or you freak at the word ‘bondage’, this eight-piece kit is the perfect way to provide those head-to-toe thrills so you can fully embrace your kinky side. Get it for $114.95.

4. Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch

Indulge in all things booty-related with this bum tingling butt plug. Ideal for first timers, with its 3.75 maximum girth and tapered tip, this beauty is small but mighty! Get it for $39.95.

5. Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle

Forget chains and whips exciting you, the paddle will take you to another level. This dual-sided, satin and leather accessory is perfect for versatile impact play, so all you have to worry about is discovering the sensory art of erotic spanking. Plus it could work well as an accessory to any costume! Get it for $34.95.

6. Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 
While things might be getting hot and steamy in the bedroom, be sure to keep all the moving parts oiled up. This is the real OG when it comes to lube, with its slick and odourless formula that ensures longer lasting fun – plus if it’s hot, you can move the action into the shower or the pool. Get it for $19.95.

Win toys 3, 4 and 5 from Lovehoney

Entries close 11:59pm Sunday 3 March 2019.

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