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Happy Birthday Tella Balls Dessert Bar!

The guys who pioneered the Nutella-loaded doughnut, Nutella and icecream slider and Tella Balls milkshake in Sydney’s southern suburb of Dulwich Hill have not only opened a new store in Concordbut celebrated their first birthday in fabulous style.

Taking to the menu to celebrate the coming-of-age in a competitive food market in Sydney, Aki and Simon – the two behind the booming business – have gotten a bit more creative than before, working with the likes of some stunning menu items.

Think Golden Gaytime waffles…

Wishing dessert was breakfast ??? #dessert #tellaballs #waffles #sweets #icecream @tellaballsdessertbar

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The fame ‘Tellabab’, which is a more sinful take on the original kebab with a fresh doughnut bun, gelato, cream, fruits and Nutella!

And a myriad of other options to feed your dessert cravings, such as Nutella-crepe pasta, which as the name sounds is slivered crepe, laden with icecream and Nutella with Belgian chocolate shavings as ‘parmesan’. Eaten like a pasta, it’s living, heavenly terribly good.

Tella Balls pasta

Tella Balls does decadence so well, it’s obvious. Here’s to another year of awesomeness!

Tella Balls red velvet pancakes


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