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Hair’s grown wild over COVID? Here are 5 tips to maintain that longer style

We spoke to Global Winner of 2020’s American Crew All-Star Challenge, Luke Munn, about what to do with your at-home COVID hair.


  1. Keeping your hair clean and conditioned. Now that your hair is longer you’re going to want to be looking after it a little more than you’re used to. I highly recommend something like the Daily Shampoo & Conditioner from American Crew or if you need something a little stronger the Detox Shampoo will help remove that stubborn build up. And exciting news, these products have recently been reformulated with +80% of naturally derived ingredients – with an aim to deliver better efficacy according to different hair needs of men.
  2. Just because you’ve let your hair grow out doesn’t mean you don’t need to see your hairdresser anymore. I absolutely in courage regular “maintenance” trims, where your hair can actually start to look healthier and thicker.
  3. Styling, for me I prefer a more natural worn in look especially in the longer lengths. A great suggestion is to scrunch in some American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam to damp hair and let it naturally dry – this provides manageable volume and natural shine finish.
  4. If you’ve finally got that beard you always wanted you’re going to want to look after the beard and the skin underneath it. I recommend a good beard oil such as the American Crew Beard Serum and the 2 in 1 Skin Moisturiser and Beard Conditioner to keep the beard soft, shiny and smooth as well as moisturise the skin beneath.
  5. Enjoy and embrace the wild side, long hair is fun and leaves you open to so many options! Get creative with your look. Live bold. 

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