Reggie Key

Goodbye germs: How the Reggie Key is our key to preventing sickness + WIN!

If you think life without face masks and hand sanitiser is a thing; you’re nuts!

So, why not get ahead of the game for life and invest in something that not only heavily reduces the need to touch everything in public – the Reggie Key.

A new reveal, it takes the concept of touching things and throws it out the window. Sounds weird, right, but you’re about to be sold!

The Reggie Key is an elegant, innovative tool used to help minimise physical contact between people and ultimately help stop the spread.

Easily fitting on a keyring, Reggie helps open doors, touch screen surfaces including mobile phones and various electronics, as well as other shared spaces like ATMs and eftpos machines that we come across in our day-to-day lives.

Keeping you and your family safe from COVID -19. Every key is handcrafted, made from solid 260 antimicrobial brass alloy which naturally reduces bacterial contamination; this is a 99.9% reduction within 2.5 hours of exposure. See how it works here…

Introducing the Reggie Key from Reggie Design on Vimeo.

Reggie retails for AUD$39.99, with only limited quantities available to purchase via their ?website.

How to win a Reggie Key family pack!

Reggie Keys can be bought by themselves, but also as a family pack to keep the whole crew safe. And you can win one here.

Enter your details below. Entries close 11:59pm AEST 19 July 2020.

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