AirBag 2

Giveaway: Keep your AirPods safe with the new AirBag by Twelve South

When you spend over $300 (£150-odd) for a pair of earbuds that can so easily go missing, get lost or stomped on, you’re going to want to keep them safe.

Enter the new AirBag for your Apple AirPods, putting yet another protective and weirdly cute layer of protection around your tech.

They look like a joke, which makes sense given Twelve South has made a tradition out of April Fools, introducing concepts so far fetched that they could actually work. This year brings something completely different, as Twelve South introduces the AirBag for AirPods, which will actually be available to purchase on

AirBag is a genuine leather micro-mini bag made exclusively to carry and protect AirPods and AirPods Pro. Taking inspiration from the global icon Lizzo, this petite vintage pouch will make heads turn when you carry it down the runway, onto the subway or into your office. 

In the past, Twelve South has coined a variety of concepts including the BookBook Bento, HiRise Toast, and AirRings. The full roundup can be viewed here.

To celebrate the AirBag, we’re giving away one of Twelve South’s other creations; the AirSnap! Three up for grabs.

How to win an AirSnap by Twelve South

Entries close 11:59PM AEST, 20 April 2020.

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