Bud-to-bloom floral disrupter Floraly cuts down on waste and gives back to charity

Receiving farm fresh flowers is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, but knowing you are choosing a supplier that is on a mission to reduce flower waste as well support a charity with every order is also bound to put a smile on yours as well.

Floraly is on a mission to become Australia’s most loved, most sustainable flower gifting company by only sourcing flowers after an order has been placed, saving waste and also ensuring your have the opportunity to enjoy your flowers even longer. They believe in the bud-to-bloom journey, which means you’ll receive flowers while they’re still in bud. 

They’ve partnered with Australia’s largest wholesalers and growers which means their flowers don’t sit around in a shop for days, waiting to be ordered. 

According to the team at Floraly, uncertain demand means one in every three flowers destined for a local florist die before being bought, which is a lot of waste! But by sourcing beautiful blooms after an order has been placed, Floraly has reduced their flower waste by up to 90%, which is incredible! 

Gorgeous natives blooms from Floraly that light up the room!

The other wonderful initiative that makes this supplier even more likeable is that every Floraly bouquet order buys a meal for someone in need, through their partnership with OzHarvest. Floraly also works with ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions generated from their operations, and give you the option at checkout to offset your own order. 

Floraly is also passionate about supporting Australia’s amazing local flower growers – from Victorian tulips, Queensland sunflowers, NSW lilies and Banksias from WA. Not only does buying local support our farmers, but it also means fresher flowers that last far longer than imported ones.

The floral disrupter also recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign so if you’re keen to find out more about Floraly’s business model, click here. 

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