The UDL pre-mix remix – a reboot of an old favourite

An Aussie icon since 1965, the new-look UDL will bring the best of the past with a bright, retro redesign across their range of flavours. It’s a fresh look, but the same spirit. You could say the same about the return of the scrunchie and high waisted pants. This is just better. 

So what’s your poison? Passionfruit, Pineapple, Watermelon, Orange, Raspberry, Green Apple, Mixed Berry Zero Sugar or Lemon-Lime & Soda, Lime & Soda, Tropical, Strawberry Lime Zero Sugar?

Turn up the boombox and crack open your favourite fruity UDL

Can’t decide? Then luckily, the newly launched mixed pack has you covered, with five fruity flavours for you and your pals!

UDL is available in 375mL cans and is on shelves in all leading liquor stores across Australia, priced at RRP $24.99 for a 6-pack and $37.99 for a mixed 10-pack. Cheers!

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