Australia Day film review

Film review: Australia Day

Australia Day has become a day of celebration for many around the country, but Kriv Senders’s film Australia Day is a different thing altogether.

The director uses the day off for many in the middle of a warm summer in Brisbane to portray three stories – a terrified Chinese woman  without the English skills to tell a gruff Australian farmer who she’s escaped from,  a young Indigenous girl on the run from a fatal Police pursuit and a young –Middle-Eastern migrant man under attack from his white Australian girlfriend’s brothers – and how these interest in the most unlikely of ways.

The film ambitiously tries to cover of a lot of issues in Australia – policing, racial tensions, drought and the decline of farming, foreign investment and how it affects Australia  – and it’s a lot for one film to take on.

Senders does a fantastic job of using young Australian actors from diverse backgrounds  – Shari Sebbens, Elias Anton, Miah Maddens, Phoenix Raei among them – to tell stories that may not make the front page of the papers, but are nonetheless important.

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