Cole & Son have a new collection: Fornasetti Senza Tempo

Inspired by architecture, flowers, fruits and stones, animals, the sky and culture itself, it’s no wonder the new collection at Cole & Son is in such high demand.

Fornasetti Senza Tempo is the new collection by the luxury Italian design and decorative arts atelier. Cole & Son are all about a proud passion and commitment for design excellence through its in-house design studio; where innovative, artistic design is founded upon a strong heritage of craftsmanship, so it’s no wonder the two operations found a synergy that just works.

It marks the fourth collaboration between the two brands that captures the imaginative universe of Fornasetti in a set of atmospheric wallpapers embodying the “timeless” essence on which the Milanese atelier has built its very identity.

Their combined meticulous attention to detail in these magical sets of wallpapers blend perfectly, elegance and irony to create enduringly aesthetic interiors with timeless appeal, or Senza Tempo, in Italian.

It’s stunning enough to almost consider the wall element of the Fornasetti name to be a more fixed extension of the decorated furniture and home accessories they made their name on in the 50s.

See more at the Cole & Son-Fornasetti website.

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