Cocktail Ravesis

Cocktail recipe: 3-2-1 Dance! at Hotel Ravesi’s Bondi

Drinks at Hotel Ravesis Bondi is one of Sydney’s musts, but you don’t need to go there to get it. Try it at home…

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  • 30 mL watermelon sorbet infused Absolut Vodka (prepare 2-3 days ahead with 1 bottle Absolut Vodka + 4 teaspoons T2 watermelon sorbet tea)
  • 20 mL Solerno Blood Orange Liqeur
  • 10 mL Pampelle Ruby L’Apero
  • 30 mL Apple juice
  • 15 mL Lemon juice
  • 10 mL Sugar syrup
  • 1 x Egg white
  • Angostura Bitters, to garnish


  • Boston shaker
  • Coupe glass
  • Fine sieve
  • Atomiser spray bottle (available from chemists)


  1. Infuse 1 bottle of Absolut Vodka with 4 teaspoons of T2 watermelon sorbet tea. Let sit for 2-3 days. This can be done in a shorter time if you put the infused bottle into a saucepan with hot water to heat up the vodka and blend the tea quicker (1 hour would be suitable)
  2. Pour Angostura Bitters into atomiser spray bottle
  3. Add all remaining ingredients to Boston. Shake, and strain through a fine sieve
  4. Serve in a coupe glass, and garnish with a spray of bitters

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