Christmas giveaway: Lumen metabolic health tracker

Tracking your metabolism is hard. You can’t do it without technology – mostly wearable – and up until now, that tech was largely unreliable.

Until along came Lumen.

The latest in personal metabolism tracking, Lumen is the small, stylish, reliable insight into the inner workings of your body that you’ve always needed.

With a well-placed breath at any time of the day, Lumen – in conjunction with its handy app – will give you insight into how your body’s working and what it’s running off, allowing you to make changes as you go, learn more about how you function and decide whether to fuel-up or put down the burger.

Lumen overall is making personal, at home metabolic tracking available outside of research labs for the first time – revolutionising the way we approach weight loss, fitness and healthy nutrition decision making. 

But there’s no string of words we can say that would describe it better than the video, so please have a watch to learn the full scope of what the impressive new technology can do.

And scroll down to find out more about how to WIN a Lumen metabolic tracker for yourself this Christmas.

Lumen is available to purchase online at the Lumen website or in selected Rebel Sport stores from 22 November for $439.

Win a Lumen metabolic tracker

Entries close 11:59PM AEDST, 16 December 2021

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