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Best luxury gift ideas

Whether you’re shopping for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or even to buy luxury Italian made Christmas gifts online, you’re after the same thing — something truly fabulous, decadent and sumptuous. There are some people for whom we know that a typical gift will never ever be enough, and we want to go the extra mile for them. 

So, what kinds of gifts are truly luxury ones, then? If you’re shopping for a premium recipient, what will pass muster?

1. Handmade stationery and desk items

One reason to put this at the top of your list is that they are often some of the most unexpected luxury gifts, but also the most well received. Take an Italian leather-bound journal, or a fine pewter lidded box, or a handmade photo album or gorgeous picture frame, for instance — any of these would make an ideal luxury gift because the “thoughtful” and “personal” factor becomes so powerful.

Stationery and desk items like these can be used to create very personal, meaningful and sentimental other things for long after they are given. Every time they take a custom-made Christmas card out, or fetch something from that pewter box, or look at a photo in the frame, they’ll think of you. What’s more, the materials are invariably fantastic and gorgeous.

2. Hampers

Gift hampers can seem a little cliche at first, but they’re only as old-hat as the things you put in them! If you get an old-fashioned hamper that looks like it came from a Victorian-era fairground raffle, then that’s not so luxurious. However, going for a hamper with scented candles, fine wines, handmade chocolate and other things, all decorated with flowers and wrapped in tasteful bows…who could resist that?

The point of a good hamper is to fill it with things you know the recipient will love, but that they absolutely don’t need. No daily essential should ever be packed into a gift hamper. If it’s something the recipient adores but never needs, it’s worthy.

3. Aromatherapy and bath gifts

You don’t necessarily have to give these as a hamper, but they can make a good one if that’s what the recipient really likes. Things like large, pricey scented candles, bath salts, and similar products designed to make a tub soak feel like a life-changing spa experience are an ideal luxury choice. Believe it or not, these are also not just luxury gifts that women appreciate, as many men also enjoy the bath experience, whether they care to admit it or not.

4. Jewellery

No luxury list could be complete without mentioning jewelry. Once again, this is a world in which men and women both happily live, with men never losing their love of things like watches, cuff-links, tie pins, necklaces and chains, as well as rings and some kinds of bracelets, too.

For women, you can’t go wrong with earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, but it can be tricky choosing items that you know they’ll like. One tip for anyone looking to give jewelry as a gift is to take a look at their existing items and see if you can spot patterns in colour and style, and then shop around for things that will complement it.

5. Wine and champagne

Not everyone drinks of course, but it’s still hard to find people who don’t appreciate wine and champagne as a gift. Even if they just keep it to serve to guests, it’s a lovely and simple luxurious gesture, and even more so than people think because it can actually take quite a lot of thought to pick out a wine that you know someone will like.

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