Baron Samedi & The Rubens Make An Appearance At Nova’s Red Room

Baron Samedi is a dark spiced rum, new to Australia and bringing with it a whole spread of left-of-centre darkness that extends beyond its rich, smokey, spiced flavour and palette.

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum The Rubens Beresford, THE F 11

The Baron Samedi is a dark character. Personified by the brand’s clever use of a creepy skeletal looking Baron that evokes a bit of fear and excitement that is kinda the way it takes: scary good. They teamed with the legendary band The Rubens in the latest instalment of Nova’s Red Room, serving-up some serious party realness that proves one thing aside from the quality of The Rubens: Baron Samedi is quality rum.

The Baron is a Haitian deity, depicted dressed in a black tuxedo with a top hat and a penchant for rum. Makes sense. He’s all about debauchery, so when you combine to Voodoo god of running amok with The Rubens’ indie music, a whole lot of fans and the freedom to drink as much as they want; you get a pretty great reception for a new rum label into the country.

Baron Samedi rum is rich, smokey, spicy and works well in a Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail. Get onto it.

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