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American Crew talks men and how to look good this 2022

Forget ‘new year, new you’. After the shitness that has been the past 24 months, it’s all about ‘new year, happy you’ in whatever incarnation that takes.

For us, it’s a quality haircut and some better-than-great hair products – like the American Crew Acumen range – with styling techniques that take your look from ‘I’ve been inside endlessly for months’, to ‘I remember how to look like an adult’ in an instant.

If you’ve not been privy to the American Crew action at fashion weeks for men’s dos the country-wide, then never fear. We spoke with the legend in men’s hair that is David Raccuglia, the founder of American Crew about men’s hair this 2022.

His trend predictions for 2022? David predicts that long, loose styles with unstructured, naturally-textured and looser-looking shapes that are effortless but still aesthetically pleasing are on the horizon.

In his own words, he says “The men’s category has reached a place where there’s so much diversity. This is really the first time that we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate many different looks because for once, it’s not about trends, it’s about style and adapting to one that defines you.” 

For more about men’s style and how to get a whole world of new looks for the year, head to the American Crew website

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