All about the GME hand held TX667 hand held radio

Sure, Father’s Day might be over for another year, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop the gift-giving joyousness.

So with Dad in mind, let’s take a trip into the manly world of handheld radios for all his cross-country, outdoor expedition, fishing trip – and so on… – experiences.

Get to know the GME TX667 model by GME, the leaders in all radio stuff for the men who need uninterrupted communication while far away enough.

It’s the tool to ensure dad always gets home from his adventures safely with this gift, as only 14% of Australia’s landmass is covered by mobile phone reception. It’s the perfect communication device for those travelling alone, or for families to stay in touch when splitting up.

It features up-to 17 hours battery life, an option to purchase in a twin pack 89.95 or $144.95 for two.

Win a GME TX667 hand held radio

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