House party

A sophisticated rethinking of the “Party House”

Back in the day, there was always that one home that was the designated party house. You remember it, it was the one with no carpet, so it didn’t matter if you spilled your drinks, and the only furniture there was a few garden chairs! Of course, you wouldn’t be seen dead at a party like that anymore. In fact, you prefer to host more sophisticated soirees yourself, something that can be significantly enhanced if you factor this into your interior design. Happily, you will find some essential advice on how to do this and rethink the “Party House” for your current life in the post below.

Central area

The key to creating a classic and sophisticated home that is optimised for entraining is to use the idea of zones. In fact, if you have the three main zones sorted you are almost guaranteed to have a successful and enjoyable soiree every time.

The first zone you need to consider is the central area. Of course, most people mistakenly think of this as the only zone because it where the primary activity happens. Whether that be dancing, mingling, or the like.

The key to the central area is that there’s enough room for people to move and circulate, which often mean you need to clear out furniture. To that end using modular furniture items like sofas cane work well, as these can easily be pushed to the side, freeing up the maximum amount of space.

Food and drink areas

If you are thinking of throwing apart without supplying food and drink, stop! After all, this is the bare minimum that guests will expect even if it is a small shindig hoisted in your own home. The problem here is that most people hosting the party end up stuck in the kitchen, supplying the food and drink, while everyone else is in the central area.

Luckily, this problem can be prevented by using things like these Aluminium Servery Windows that opens out from the kitchen space. Such features can even be used as a bar area too, making it easy for guest to access what the need without shutting you off from all of the action.

Break out areas

Of course, no party will be successful if you don’t have some areas where your guest can break out from the main hubbub and take a rest, or find a more quiet spot.Sadly, this can be hard to provide without opening your entire home up to your visitors including the upstairs, something that many hosts are loathed to do.

With that in mind, why not consider using your outdoor space as a breakout area? Installing French patio doors can help with this as it makes the transition between inside and outside much more natural.

It may be worth livening up your outdoor space, and even putting up a covered terrace if you know you will be entertaining a lot and the weather where you live isn’t always reliable. Then you will always have a spot where guests can retire to, no matter how lively the party gets.  

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