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5 things to know about Sash Japanese at the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets 2018

From 8-25 November this year, Birrarung Maar in Melbourne, planted nicely alongside the Yarra River, is playing host to the annual Melbourne Night Noodle Markets. And it’s good.

The likes of Wonderbao and Black Star Pastry are taking part, but so are Sash Japanese. They do Japanese fare with a modern twist and all of it’s good.

We had a quick chat with them about what’s on this year in Melbourne…

What do you think you bring to Good Food Month that is different to everyone else?

We push the boundaries with food creations not found anywhere else in Australia in store with items such as our Sushi Pizzas, so we will be continuing to push the creative boundaries with our Sushi Dog (A deep fried salmon sushi roll on a stick) which is amazing!

How did you decide what will be your hero menu items this year?

We went with something cleaner (Tuna taco) something fried (Japanese Chicken Nuggets) and something completely new (The Sushi Dog).

In three words, how’d you describe your flavour?

Unique Japanese Fusion.

What’s your favourite thing about food?

It’s a never ending creative process and in a world so disconnected by digital, it brings people together and into the moment

Why Melbourne Good Food Month? 

Well, we are the food capital of the world!

See more about the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets here.

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